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Toni Abasi Hill

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Toni Abasi Hill & Eva Asha Hill

The value of community service empowers us to become stronger human beings.  For as long as we serve one another in some capacity,  insurmountable mountains do not exist.-Eva Asha HIll

Toni Abasi Hill is an entrepreneur and minister who focuses on serving the African American community. By publishing educational activity materials for children, he works to inform the next generation about Black history. These books and posters highlight the contributions of African Americans to society and the struggles these pioneers faced. Through knowledge of the past, people are better equipped to understand current events and able to fight for improvements for the future. 

Eva Asha Hill is the founder of  the Malcolm Omari Hill Instructional Safe Driving Classes for teens and young adults.  Her youngest son’s fatal car accident has been transformed into a life-saving experience for others.  Asha earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership in 2015,  from Point University.  She enjoys public speaking and writing among her fondest pastimes.

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