Toni Abasi Hill

Toni Abasi Hill

Malcolm Omari Hill Scholarship Fund, Inc.

Malcolm Omari Hill Scholarship Fund, Inc

Every day, six teens ages 16-19 die from traffic accidents. Teens and young adults face several factors that increase their risk of car accidents. Distracted driving, inexperience, peer pressure and intoxication are the major contributors to fatalities and injuries. Thankfully, there are steps which can be taken to reduce these risks.  Visit the CDC for more information here.

The Malcolm Omari Hill Scholarship Fund, Inc. provides free instructional Safe Driving classes. The education and support from these classes saves lives. At the conclusion of lessons, students are awarded a certificate. Divers may receive reduced insurance rates from their insurance company. Your donation provides Safe Driving classes, while preserving the talent and potential of young lives..

Malcolm Omari Hill Scholarship Fund, Inc History

Malcolm Omari Hill was only 23 years old when he passed in a fatal car accident.  Omari did not return home one Saturday morning, after having a good time with friends after work on Friday night.   Omari tragically did not survive the car accident.  From that point forward, the lives of Omari’s parents Toni and Eva Hill would never be the same.
More details about the accident came to light.  Omari was out on the town with friends.  At 4:00 AM, the driver lost control of the car.  Omari was a back seat passenger and not wearing a seat belt.  The car was travelling at a high rate of speed when the driver lost control of the car. Omari and another young man were ejected from the car and died upon impact.
With this tragic event, Toni and Eva learned that 6 to 10 teens/young adults are killed in car accidents daily.  This tragedy helped Toni and Eva find a new life mission to provide FREE instructional safe driving classes for teens and young adults.  Toni and Eva have been dedicated to the Malcolm Omari Hill Scholarship Fund Inc. since 2011.

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Donate Now In support of the Malcolm Omari Hill Scholarship Fund, Inc.  All of your donation will go towards free safe driving lessons for teens and young adults

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