Toni Abasi Hill

Toni Abasi Hill

This  week was busy as usual for us.  We continued with our weekly activities of organizing the Safe Driving program and organizing the business of Toni Hill Enterprises.  We gathered our resources and went out this week promoting/retailing our products and we were successful.  We really enjoy marketing our products in the various communities throughout metro Atlanta.  They are very unique items, such as Obama Calendars, children’s coloring books and other books which inform adults and children of our African  history and ancestry.

Abasi and I have planned a family outing, inviting his sisters and brothers to come to Atlanta.  His sister and niece have come once for Omari’s passing.  We look forward to having the family for a time of joy versus tragedy.   Coming together for sad times are necessary, but we should not gather just for those times!

As the month of March is moving along, we look forward to a family observance of our youngest son Omari’s passing.  We will not have a large gathering, but will remember his birthdate of March 30, 1987. He would have been 30 years old!  Of course, we are too sad!  We are thankful for God’s creative intelligence, which empowered his father to create the Malcolm Omari Hill Safe Driving Program on his behalf.

I (Asha) asked a church member to include him in the prayer this Sunday – to briefly acknowledge his life and his passing. Asha wanted to avoid a making a formal request for this, which might get passed around a table for approval. No one would be conscious of what we are feeling about this, therefore, I worked to avoid this formal process for such a sensitive matter – the passing of our youngest son.  We love our oldest son Rashad dearly.  Though, as my mom would say, one child can never replace the other.  They are each unique in their own way.

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